Who Created God

From You Tube, Best Christian Apologetics, “Sam Doo” Channel:

Who Created God, 1:36 clip

Says the following ver batim, “This is not at all difficult to answer. A timeless, eternal being CANNOT have a cause. as Keith Ward points out in his book ‘God, Chance & Necessity’ “‘”If one asks what caused God, the answer is that nothing could bring into being a reality which wholly transcends space-time and which is self-existent. To fail to grasp such an idea is to fail to grasp what God is. “‘” Moreover I have given an argument that there exists such a being, namely my first argument based upon the beginning of the universe. It leads us to the postulation of a timeless, spaceless, immaterial and uncaused eternal being.”

What about the question well What Caused God, In his last speech professor Woldford said “Well the universe needs a Creator therefore God needs a Creator as well”, Not at all, that doesn’t follow, Remember the premises of the argument I gave, Everything that BEGINS to exist has a cause, Something cannot come INTO being out of nothing, but if something is eternal and timeless, then it doesn’t fall under that first premise, it doesn’t need a cause. Even atheists like Daniel Dennet recognize that if eternal varieties exist, like numbers or mathematical objects, they don’t need a cause because they never come into being, they don’t begin to exist. And the concept of God is the concept of an eternal self-existent necessary being and therefore the answer is simply that God is uncaused, He is self-existent.

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