How do you know Christianity is the one true worldview?

Within this video, Ravi Zacharias points this out, saying,

“You take a look at other world religions and see where these 4 questions are dealt with:
1. Origin
2. Meaning
3. Morality
4. Destiny
These 4 questions have to be answered in 2 ways. Every particular answer has to correspond to truth either thru empirical form of measurement or thru the logical reasoning process. And when those 4 answers are put together, they must cohere and not be incoherent.

So the 2 Tests: Correspondence & Coherence.

I GUARANTEE you, ONLY in the Judeo-Christian worldview will you find these four questions answered with corresponding truthfulness and with the coherence of a worldview.

Let me take just 1 example. And I don’t say this to slight, but this is just a fact and we have to deal with it. I’ve been invited in many, many islamic countries and I have open forums there and I’m going to go to one of the toughest Islamic countries in the next few weeks. They’ve hosted me in many parts there and we’ve had dialogues. I want to give to you two things, in the Koran, it is the ONLY historically claimed document that denies that Jesus Christ was actually crucified or that He died on the cross. It denies that. The Greek historians say He died on the cross, Roman historians say that, pagan historians say that, Jewish historians say that, and Christian historians say that. The koran is the only one that says it ‘appeared’ to them that he died but he didn’t ACTUALLY die on the cross. So Historically, it is making an affirmation that is really historically UNTRUE.

I got into a discussion with Shek Hussein, of the LEADING shi-ite clerick in Damascus Syria. He’s a REAL gentleman. For over 3 hours we talked, with an interpreter between us and an audience listening….at the end of the discussion he said it was not time for Islam to ask IF Jesus Christ died, but WHY.”

Who Created God

From You Tube, Best Christian Apologetics, “Sam Doo” Channel:

Who Created God, 1:36 clip

Says the following ver batim, “This is not at all difficult to answer. A timeless, eternal being CANNOT have a cause. as Keith Ward points out in his book ‘God, Chance & Necessity’ “‘”If one asks what caused God, the answer is that nothing could bring into being a reality which wholly transcends space-time and which is self-existent. To fail to grasp such an idea is to fail to grasp what God is. “‘” Moreover I have given an argument that there exists such a being, namely my first argument based upon the beginning of the universe. It leads us to the postulation of a timeless, spaceless, immaterial and uncaused eternal being.”

What about the question well What Caused God, In his last speech professor Woldford said “Well the universe needs a Creator therefore God needs a Creator as well”, Not at all, that doesn’t follow, Remember the premises of the argument I gave, Everything that BEGINS to exist has a cause, Something cannot come INTO being out of nothing, but if something is eternal and timeless, then it doesn’t fall under that first premise, it doesn’t need a cause. Even atheists like Daniel Dennet recognize that if eternal varieties exist, like numbers or mathematical objects, they don’t need a cause because they never come into being, they don’t begin to exist. And the concept of God is the concept of an eternal self-existent necessary being and therefore the answer is simply that God is uncaused, He is self-existent.

Much Learning …..More to Learn

I’ve been learning a lot lately.  Reading commentaries so thorough of the Book of Romans and I’m learning so much.

God laid it upon my heart to start fasting and so I’ve started. It’s not much, but it is teaching me.  It’s teaching me to be hungry for HIM.  It’s teaching me to be self-controlled.  It’s teaching me to pray more. It’s teaching me to get back up and start back up that uphill roadway that leads me to HIM.  It’s teaching me that the downhill, easy road isn’t the good road, it’s just easy but ends in emptiness and a frenzy for more, more that doesn’t deliver.

I’ve been learning that Atheists are a determined group of people.  They are determined to make religion for idiots only.  They are determined to tell me that I am an idiot for not having answers while they cannot provide me with answers for their theories.  They say there are no miracles because they did away with the word miracle and call it just something that happened out of the ordinary when it’s something they never saw happen but once in their 5.8 Billion year timeline and which goes completely against their theory of evolution which is slow change over millions of years.  The explosion of animal life basically overnight when compared to their timeline (and in fact over night in the Bible’s timeline) when nothing had occurred like it before or after, is not a miracle it’s just something they don’t yet fully understand.  These people are fierce, they are determined and they are set on making me feel like an idiot.


I have learned that Atheists are working to convince people that the Bible has no fulfilled prophesies.  They tell me to google for answers on things they don’t understand and can’t explain to me on their beliefs of life but refuse to google and find out of the endless fulfilled prophesy within the Bible, instead throwing out endless insults.


I’ve learned that I MUST learn more in order to refute this vengeful group, in order for my children to refute them.  They are mean and ruthless and WE MUST BE READY FOR THIS BATTLE. IT IS NOT OF THE FLESH.  IT IS SPIRITUAL AND VERY REAL AND WE MUST ARM OURSELVES WITH ANSWERS, PRAYER, AND LOVE.  DO NOT BE OVERCOME WITH EVIL, BUT OVERCOME EVIL WITH GOOD. They must hear the truth.  We are responsible to provide that.


I’ve learned recently that people die at the drop of a hat and have no idea of Jesus.  I’ve known them and I’ve known Jesus and yet they died without knowing Jesus.  I have failed those people and I have failed Jesus.  I must be armed with Truth and I must be prayerful and watchful to speak truth to ALL who cross my path.  Nothing is chance, God uses every moment and I must be a willing and ABLE vessel, not seeking my own desires and entertainment, but seeking lost souls and bringing them the Light and Truth of Jesus Christ.